Public Security

Effectively addressing security challenges, enhancing law enforcement efficiency, and facilitating the transition of public security management into smart operations

Application Scenarios

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

In the face of natural disasters, the use of drones for on-site reconnaissance and assistance can significantly enhance disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities. This approach reduces the safety risks for relief workers and provides real-time visual information from hazardous areas during short-notice warnings. This information aids in disaster assessment, evacuation planning, and issuing evacuation orders. Unmanned helicopters excel in challenging environments, and with their rapid deployment and high maneuverability, they improve the efficiency of emergency response efforts.

Border and Coastal Defense

In border regions, unmanned helicopters can monitor activities such as illegal border crossings and smuggling in real time, enabling border control agencies to detect and respond promptly. Their excellent flight performance makes them suitable for high-altitude environments, replacing personnel for border patrols in oxygen-deficient and cold conditions. For coastal patrols, drones can swiftly cover large areas of sea, monitoring illegal fishing and smuggling activities, and assisting law enforcement agencies like public security and fisheries in maritime patrol and law enforcement tasks.

Patrol and Rapid Response

Unmanned helicopters provide law enforcement agencies with high-frequency, long-duration patrol capabilities. Equipped with payloads like searchlights and loudspeakers, they can monitor city streets, intersections, and crowds in real time. This assists law enforcement personnel in identifying potential violations, maintaining public order, and enforcing traffic regulations. Coupled with adaptable landing bases (automatic landing platforms), UAVs can achieve unmanned, high-frequency operations without on-site personnel. In times of emergencies, unmanned helicopters support rapid deployment without assembling, and their high payload capacity allows for reconnaissance, monitoring, guiding, crowd control, explosive prevention, or material transport.

Forest Protection and Patrol

In forest protection, UAVs can conduct aerial surveillance over forests, providing real-time image and video data for fire detection and potential hazard alerts. When detecting unauthorized campfires or picnics, UAVs can lock onto the target's location and issue evacuation instructions via loudspeakers. Equipped with multispectral and thermal infrared sensors, UAVs can detect the health status of vegetation and identify potential fire sources, enhancing early fire risk detection. Additionally, UAVs can conduct rapid and large-scale forest area monitoring, helping forest management authorities locate unknown fire sources, assess fire spread, and guide firefighters.

Advantages of Drones

High Maneuverability

Vertical takeoff and landing enable drones to operate in diverse terrains. With fast cruising speeds, drones can quickly reach and engage in reconnaissance and emergency response activities.

Strong Adaptability to Environment

Drones possess a comprehensive set of capabilities including extended endurance, strong wind resistance, and extensive communication ranges. They excel in various environments, including high-altitude, coastal, and mountainous regions.

Rapid Deployment with Moving Base

Dynamic base technology allows drones to launch and land on moving vehicles or vessels, enabling swift deployment and retrieval during mobile operations.

Ease of Use

With features like one-key takeoff and landing, and the ability to automate tasks, drone operations are simplified and comparable to those of multi-rotor drones.

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