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Home Maintenance service

Service Guarantee:

We provide the following services to our customers for a lifetime:

Maintenance and servicing
Free ground station software upgrades - for existing functionalities
Free consultation for after-sales product usage, technical support, and product upgrades

Service Response:

For Product Inquiries: We respond within 2 hours after confirming the customer's after-sales issue. For general after-sales inquiries, we provide a solution within 1 working day. For complex after-sales issues, we offer a solution within 2 working days.
Maintenance and Servicing: Upon receiving the customer's equipment, we provide a damage assessment report or maintenance plan within 2 working days.

After-sales Warranty Service Policy:

Warranty Period:

The warranty period for all our products is one year, starting from the date of final acceptance of the goods.

Service Coverage:

During the warranty period, if the product experiences performance malfunctions, you can contact our after-sales personnel to apply for product warranty service. Our personnel will confirm the product issue and arrange the technical team to investigate the problem accordingly.

Service Charges:

Products covered under the warranty: We provide free warranty service, including service costs, spare parts fees, and one-time transportation fees.
Products not covered under the warranty: This includes, but is not limited to, products that have exceeded the warranty period, self-modified products, or damages caused by human factors. For non-warranty-related malfunctions, the customer needs to bear the corresponding expenses for repairs and other value-added services (e.g., spare parts fees, service fees, transportation fees). After the warranty period expires, we commit to offering spare parts or maintenance services at a reasonable price (comparable to other sellers with similar quality but more competitive prices). In the event of equipment malfunctions, we will handle repairs in the same manner as during the warranty period.

Post-service Support:

For the subsequent use of the equipment, Ziyan's after-sales team will conduct regular follow-ups and remind users to replace accessory packs.

Contact Information:

Reach out to us as per your convenience for a after-sales inquiries through different means !

Service Hotline: 0086-400-882-3882
After-sales Email:
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