Versatile Plateau Version Large Payload

Blowfish A2G

  • 12kg
    Maximum Payload
  • Level 7
    Wind Resistance
  • 65min
    Service Ceiling
  • 30km
    Real-Time HD Video Transmission
  • 10℃~55℃
    Operating Temperature
  • 5500m
    Service Ceiling
  • Mobile Base
    Mobile Take-off and Landing
  • Diverse
    Payload Options

\Maximum Payload 12kg

Multi-purpose versatility is a hallmark of the Blowfish A2G. With a maximum payload capacity of 12kg, it can overcome ground transportation limitations, effectively addressing challenges related to flight and transporting goods/equipment in high-altitude

Tri-sensor POD

Integrated with high-resolution 30x optical zoom sensors, infrared sensors, high-precision rangefinder sensors, making inspection task in the area clear and presented in high detail

High Altitude, Worry-free Flight

Supporting inspections and operations at altitudes up to 5500 meters, with high-energy variable-pitch rotor blade mechanism for stronger and more stable flight performance. Capable of handling wind speeds up to level 7.

Mobile Autonomous Take-off, Follow and Land

Extra-small space of only 4m² is required for take-off and landing. Unmanned aircrafts from Ziyan can take-off, follow and land on high-speed moving vehicles and vessels alike, meeting the needs of air-ground and air-sea operations.

Diverse Payloads

Large-capacity open fuselage cabin, equipped with quick-release universal mounts, creates solutions for multiple industries.

Technical Parameters

  • Structural Parameters
    Length 1870mm Width 490mm Height 715mm
  • Maximum Payload
  • Wind Resistance
    Level 7
  • Service Ceiling
  • Maximum Endurance
  • Maximum Flight Distance
*The parameters listed on this page may vary depending on the environment, usage, or firmware version. Please refer to the actual usage for accurate information.
1.Please note that the actual flight time may vary depending on the flight mode, load, and environmental conditions. Monitor the aircraft status according to real-time prompts from the ground station.
2. The data/video transmission distance is based on the FCC standard, measured in an unobstructed environment with moderate interference, where the aircraft flies at an altitude of about 110m. This is for reference only. Please note that the actual flight performance may vary depending on environmental obstructions and interference levels. Pay close attention to real-time prompts from the ground station to ensure flight safety and efficiency.
3. The actual wind resistance capability may vary depending on flight altitude, changes in wind changes, aircraft payload, and other external conditions. Please refer to actual usage for accurate information.

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