Portable Fast Longer Flight

Shadow S3

  • 6.99kg
    Max Take-off Weight
  • 100min
  • Smart Control Experience
  • AI Recognition
    Target Tracking and Recognition
  • 100km/h
    Maximum Speed
  • Level 7
    Wind Resistance
  • LiDAR Detection
    Smart Obstacle Avoidance
  • -20℃-55℃
    Operating Temperature

Ultra-long Endurance

Shadow S3 is equipped with a smart battery. The speed and pitch adaptive control responds to change within a millisecond.

User-Friendly Ground Station

Shadow S3 comes with a standard new generation of ground control station with virtual joysticks, full touchscreen control with a game-like experience

Lightweight and Portable

Shadow S3 can be easily transported and carried in a backpack due to small size, modular design, and no requirement for a tool box.

Fearless in Harsh Environments

Wind resistance capability of Shadow S3 is level 7. S3 comes with integrated RTK and a 4D millimeter-wave radar obstacle avoidance module, effectively guaranteeing flight safety and stability.


Shadow S3 supports tri-sensor gimbal camera,megaphone spotlight, and other payloads. Its universal SDK enables customized development tailored to different industries

AI Recognition and Terrain-following Features

Integartion of AI recognition, tracking and terrain-following flight capabilities comprehensively increase the overall efficiency and quality of inspections to a whole new level

Technical Parameters

  • Structural Parameters
    Length 998mm Width 157mm Height 442mm
  • Maximum Take-off Weight
  • Wind Resistance
    Level 7
  • Service Ceiling
  • Maximum Endurance
  • HD Video Transmission Distance

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