Communication Base Station

Product Overview

Ziyan ZY-CBO3 communication base station adopts quick-release design, easy to assemble and disassemble. Suitable for Ziyan mainstream unmanned aircrafts, it provides 30km long-distance communication coverage. It can be placed in a fixed place with a tripod, and can also be erected on a mobile platform such as a vehicle/ship, which is flexible in use

Product advantage

  • Automatic Tracking Antenna

    The antenna is automatically adjusted according to the position of the aircraft in real time with a tracking speed reaching 50°/s. The high-gain directional antenna ensures long-distance communication of 30km without manual adjustment of the antenna direction
  • RTK& Mobile Base Station

    Built-in positioning module, with RTK static base station and dynamic base station functions, and integrated positioning antenna. It effectively resolves the challenge which unmanned aerial vehicles face during take-off and landing on moving vessels. It greatly increases the accuracy during take-off and landing
  • Dual Battery Power Supply

    It has a dual battery redundant power supply design and supports battery instant swap (replacement of batteries without powering off the base station)
  • Video

    Directly output aircraft video feed in real time through HDMI interface

Technical Specifications

Hardware Specifications Dimensions 240*240*820mm (L*W*H)
Performance Specifications Battery life 4H (dual battery)
Tracking Latency <200ms
Communication Distance ≥30km
Tracking range 360°
Tracking speed 50°/s
Tracking accuracy ≤5°
Battery Specifications Capacity 10050mAh
Voltage 7.4V

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