IOT Situational Awareness

Product Overview

Ziyan and Jizhen have jointly launched the Ranger P2X autonomous docking station and hangar for unmanned helicopter, with a standard 30x tri-sensor POD, and optional near-infrared ultraviolet four-in-one camera, providing comprehensive support for power inspection. The docking station operates without human intervention and provides automatic charging, remote monitoring, autonomous flight operation, easy deployment from areas such as rooftops and remote locations.

system function

  • IoT Real-time Unidirectional or Multidirectional Sharing

    Supporting various mainstream video encoding and decoding input/output and transmission protocols, solving the complex and multi-source video issue.
  • Annotation and Remarks Sharing

    Combining multiple video encodings into one and transmitting them after re-encoding significantly reduces the communication load of live video transmission on-site.
  • Integrated and Collaborative System

    Comes with its own routing management capabilities, effectively adapting to complex network environments, and enabling efficient video transmission to the command center.
  • Real-time Live Video Streaming and Image Exchange

    Ready to use, no setup required. Multiple buttons correspond to switching between multiple video streams, making it simple and easy to operate.

technical parameters

Structural Parameters Overall Dimensions 482*408*154.4mm
Weight 9.4kg
Color Black
Performance Parameters Battery 2.5h
Operating System Win7、Win10
Deployment Mode Local
Main Features Information convergence、information distribution
Video Streaming Protocol Format RTMP/PTSP
Data Transmission Protocol MQTT
Interface & Network Support maximum number of 20 devices (level 1)
Data Access Type 2D, 3D geographic location information/video feed
Network port x4 RJ45
Unified Interaction Simultaneous Access to Information, SPA Design Mode

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