Automatic Docking Station

Product Overview

Ziyan and Jizhen have jointly launched the Ranger P2X Automatic Docking Station and hangar for unmanned helicopter, with a standard 30x tri-sensor POD, and optional near-infrared ultraviolet four-in-one camera, providing comprehensive support for power inspection. The docking station operates without human intervention and provides automatic charging, remote monitoring, autonomous flight operation, easy deployment from areas such as rooftops and remote locations.

system function

  • Longer Endurance, Larger Range

    Datalink coverage of 30km; 120 minutes of flight time in one sortie without needing to replace battery
  • Waterproof

    Rainproof and waterproof design, folding rain cover guarantees safe operation of electrical equipment during extreme weather conditions
  • Emergency Landing

    In case of special circumstances preventing a normal landing, it supports an emergency landing with an error of ≤1.2m
  • Unmanned

    No need for on-site human intervention to launch and operate the aircraft. The docking station automatically charges the aircraft, enabling unattended operation, remote control, and automatic take-off and landing

technical parameters

Docking Station Overall Dimensions 3000*2000*1500mm
Weight ≤700kg
Power Ratings Standby≤1000w Peak ≤2800w
Power Supply AC220v
IP Rating IP54

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