38mm Anti-Riot Launcher

Supports various 38mm caliber riot rounds, suitable for riot control, criminal suppression, and security drills, and more

Advantages and Features

Supports various 38mm caliber riot rounds, including concussion rounds, tear gas rounds, stun grenade rounds, biochemical rounds, smoke rounds, among other types. A single launcher can accommodate up to 7 rounds for engagement. When combined with the Ziyan’s fire control and targeting system, it can automatically target and engage threats, making it suitable for applications like riot control, combating criminals, and security exercises
  • Easily attach and detach

    Easy Installation and Removal, Simple Operation

    Utilizes a quick-release payload design, allowing installation and removal on the aircraft within 3 seconds
  • Automatic Locking

    Precision Targeting

    When combined with the Ziyan fire control and targeting system, it can automatically lock onto targets
  • Versatile Applications

    Aiding the Smart Transformation of Public Security Management

    Applicable in various scenarios such as riot control, combating criminals, and security exercises

Data Results

Bringing users a whole new application experience with high-precision data results.
Riot Control and Stability
Combating Criminals
Security Exercises

Supported Models

The 38mm riot launcher is designed specifically for Ziyan unmanned aircrafts and can be used with Falcon-10 and Blowfish A2G.
  • High Mobility and Portability

    Falcon-10 - Emergency Reconnaissance Unmanned Helicopter

Technical Specifications

Launcher Specifications Overall Dimensions 202*241*233mm
Weight 1.75kg
Ammunition Capacity 7 Pcs
Operating Voltage 12v
Maximum Range Flight altitude100m:Horizontal Distance70m
Fire Control Accuracy At 100m flight altitude and within a horizontal distance of 30m: Impact radius ≤4m
Ammunition Parameters Caliber 38mm
Full Length 122mm
Types Concussion rounds, tear gas rounds, smoke rounds

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