Ideal for search and rescue operations, emergency response, beach and coastal patrols, pandemic control, traffic management, public safety, and more.

Advantages and Features

Designed for easy installation and lightweight operation, it offers real-time announcements and text-to-speech via ground station control. It ensures clear communication up to 1 km with a sound pressure level of 120 dB at 1 m, effectively conveying information in various complex environments.
  • Easy Installation

    Simple to Install and Remove

    Portable design enables fast mounting and dismounting on drones.
  • Multifunctional

    Rich Features and Flexible Use

    Provides real-time announcements and text-to-speech, enabling long-range voice broadcasts.
  • Real-Time Transmission

    Wide Application Scenarios

    Overcomes traditional announcement limits, enhancing information delivery efficiency and coverage.

Data Results

In emergencies, response speed can be hindered by traffic and crowds, making timely arrival challenging. Using a drone-mounted megaphone for wide-area broadcasting of warning information can guide the public promptly, reducing safety risks.
Emergency Response
Beach and Coastal Patrols
Traffic Management

Supported Models

The megaphone is specially designed for Ziyan drones and is compatible with Ziyan's main flight platforms, such as the Ranger P2X and Falcon 10.
  • No Battery Swaps, Longer Operations

    Ranger P2X – Long Endurance Unmanned Helicopter

  • High Mobility and Portability

    Falcon-10 - Emergency Reconnaissance Unmanned Helicopter

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 172 x 121 x 130 mm
Weight: 320 g (excluding mount)
Max Power Consumption: 25 W
TTS Sound Pressure at 1 m: 120 dB
Transmission Distance: 500 m

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