Three-Stage Air Drop Releaser

A single flight can continuously perform 3 air drop missions. By carrying items such as lifebuoys and first aid kits, it meets emergency rescue needs

Advantages and Features

Ziyan’s three-stage air drop system adopts a quick-release design, allowing it to be installed and removed from the aircraft in a short time. It has a weight of 0.3kg and a load capacity of 15kg. In a single flight, it can continuously perform three airdrop missions. By carrying items such as lifebuoys, first aid kits, ropes, and fire extinguishing projectiles, it can meet the needs of emergency rescue and other application scenarios
  • Easily attach and detach

    Easy Installation and Removal

    Adopts a quick-release design, allowing installation and removal on the aircraft within 3 seconds
  • Heavy Payload Capacity

    High Payload Capacity, Good Stability

    With a maximum payload-bearing capacity of 15kg, it can carry items such as lifebuoys, first-aid kits, ropes, and fire extinguishing projectiles
  • High Efficiency

    Emergency Rescue, Flexibility, and Efficiency

    Capable of performing three consecutive air drops in a single flight, meeting multiple mission requirements

Data Result

It can accurately deliver life-saving equipment, helping distressed individuals evacuate promptly and saving precious time for frontline rescue efforts
Emergency Rescue
Forest Rescue
Maritime Rescue

Supported Models

The three-stage air drop releaser is specifically designed for Ziyan unmanned aircrafts and can be used with Falcon-10 and Blowfish A2G
  • High Mobility and Portability

    Falcon-10 - Emergency Reconnaissance Unmanned Helicopter

  • Borderless Design, Large Payload Capacity

    Blowfish A2G - Multi-Purpose Unmanned Helicopter

Technical Parameters

Parameters Dimensions 135*58*43mm
Weight 0.3kg
Maximum Weight Capacity 15kg
Dropping Method Segmented dropping (three sequential drops)
Operating Voltage 12v

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