Tri-sensor POD

The CT07 POD is an unmanned aircraft electro-optical gimbal with three sensors, a visible light
sensor, an infrared thermal imaging sensor, and a high-precision laser rangefinder
sensor. This combination allows for versatile and detailed imaging
capabilities during unmanned operations

Advantages and Features

CT07 Tri-sensor POD integrates a 30x optical zoom visible light sensor, uncooled long wave infrared sensor, and a high-precision laser rangefinder sensor. It offers a clear view of inspection areas and can detect targets in low visibility conditions making it suitable for detecting targets at night
  • High resolution

    30x Optical Zoom Visible Light Sensor

    The 1080p high-resolution and 30x optical zoom visible light sensor enables observation of objects up to 500 meters away with high detail and clarity. It offers a high-resolution view of distant objects, providing valuable visual information during operations
  • Night and day

    Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

    Using a 640*512 infrared thermal imager, you can locate missing or stranded individuals or animals at night or in low visibility conditions.
  • Accurate Positioning

    High-Precision Laser Rangefinder

    Helps determine the distance to the target, allowing accurate positioning within a range of up to 2000 meters, with the target's GPS location displayed in real-time video.

Data Results

The CT07 Tri-sensor POD enables clear long-distance observation and can capture photos, stream live videos, or record videos. It is suitable for various scenarios, including firefighting, search and rescue, inspections, and night-time operation
Visible light
Accurate Positioning

Supported Models

The CT07 Tri-sensor POD is specifically designed for Ziyan unmanned aircrafts and is compatible with almost all Ziyan flight platforms including Falcon-10, Ranger P2X and Blowfish A2G
  • High Mobility and Portability

    Falcon-10 - Emergency Reconnaissance Unmanned Helicopter

  • No Battery Swaps, Longer Operations

    Ranger P2X – Long Endurance Unmanned Helicopter

  • Borderless Design, Large Payload Capacity

    Blowfish A2G - Multi-Purpose Unmanned Helicopter

Technical Parameters

Overall Parameters Lens Type: Visible Light Sensor + Thermal Imaging Sensor + Laser Rangefinder
Visible Light Sensor Parameters Sensor: 1/1/1.8-inch Type STARVIS CMOS Sensor
Lens: 30x Optical Zoom, Focal Length f=6.5~162.5mm
Lens Focal Length 19mm
Laser Rangefinder Parameters Measurement Range 5·1000m

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