Integrated LiDAR, GNSS, inertial navigation, and aerial survey cameras, with high-precision data processing and results to bring a new aerial survey experience

Advantages and Features

With the design concept of extensive integration, the system includes various sensors such as LiDAR, GNSS, high-precision inertial navigation, and professional aerial survey cameras, which can realize easy loading and unloading, efficient operation and control, and smart calculations
  • Easily attach and detach

    Easy Installation and Removal, Simple Operation

    Utilizes a quick-release design, allowing installation and removal within 3 seconds
  • High Precision

    Extensive integration, higher precision

    Precision for massive 3D point cloud data is high by employing control technologies and algorithms
  • Real-time

    Round the clock efficient operation

    Real-time execution of flight route, 3D point cloud data acquisition and live video feed, everything is realized during flight

Data Result

Perform terrain mapping, power line and grid inspections, emergency search and rescue
Terrain Mapping
Power Line Inspection
Emergency Search and Rescue

Supported Models

The LiDAR is specifically designed for platforms of Ziyan, and it can be used with Ziyan's mainstream flight platforms, such as the Ranger P2X
  • Versatile Plateau Version Large Payload

    Blowfish A2G

  • One-sortie No Battery Swaps Quick Deployment

    Ranger P2X

technical parameters

Basic Parameters Pixels 130 million/150 million
Exposure 0.5s
Shutter Speed 1/100~1/2000s
Lens Parameters Focal Length D2M(25mm/35mm)DG3M(30mm/45mm)
Shutter Count 5
Lens Tilt Angle 45°

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