A half-frame high-precision five-lens aerial survey payload, which meets application scenario of planning and development, emergency response, disaster assessment, mapping and countless others

Advantages and Features

The Oblique Camera adopts quick assembly/disassembly design, which can be installed and uninstalled on the aircraft in a short time. The tilt camera quickly collects image data, over a large range, with high precision and clarity to fully perceive the complex scene. Through efficient data acquisition and data processing, generated data results directly reflect the appearance, location, height and other attributes.
  • Easily attach and detach

    Easy Installation and Removal, Simple Operation

    Utilizes a quick-release design, allowing installation and removal within 3 seconds
  • High Precision

    Half-frame High-precision Five Lens

    Comprehensive perception of complex scenes over a large range, high precision and clarity
  • Smart Technology and AI

    Fast data acquisition, efficient results

    Through real-time data acquisition, real situation of the ground/terrain/object can be reflected, and the results of 3D model can be generated accurately

Data Result

Having a GSD (Ground Sample Distance) better than 5cm/pix, low cost, accurate data acquisition, flexible and convenient operation, compact and lightweight, good stability, and high precision
Urban Planning
Disaster Assessment
Surveying and Mapping

Supported Models

The Oblique Camera is specifically designed for platforms of Ziyan, and it can be used with Ziyan's mainstream flight platforms, such as Falcon 10 and Ranger P2X
  • One-sortie No Battery Swaps Quick Deployment

    Ranger P2X

technical parameters

LiDAR Wavelength 905mm
Range 100m@15%reflectance,180m@35%reflectance,300m@90%reflectance
Field of View Horizontal 360°,Vertical 40.3°(-20.8°~+19.5°)
Camera Camera 26 million
Sensor Size 23.5x15.7mm
Resolution 6252x4168

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